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Home is where the heart is. When you feel tired to the bones, home can be the number one best resting place in the world, while other relaxing places can be the second to best. Furniture at home should be designed in some ways to support and provide comfort. So it is, the furniture should be picked correctly to fit our comforting needs. It does not have to be expensive at all, since comfort can also be acquired without spending much money. The same thing also happens to office furniture. The difference is, of course, lays on its purpose. If home furniture is designed to provide comfort for relaxing, office furniture is on the contrary. It is designed, anyhow, to provide the maximum comforting level in order to achieve the best performance in office. It happens so to increase the productivity of the employees.

Speaking about the office, it cannot be separated from its role in the sector of economy. It emerges as one of the most vital parts of a country, along with military and technology. One of the most notable countries in terms of its economical power is South Africa. Although there is still 1/4 of its population living on less US $1.25 per day, this country has become Africa's biggest power in economy. Its GDP growth reaches +2.6% in 2012 with the inflation of 5%. The country's most exported goods including diamonds, gold, platinum, machineries, and other metal and mineral goods. In terms of export partner, the most common countries include China, Germany, Japan, and United States. Surprisingly, agriculture sector only takes a small part in the big economy pie by only hitting 9%. Meanwhile, industry and services sector dominate the pie with 26% and 65% respectively. In other words, it shows the emerging growing number of offices. Furthermore, these offices need furniture for sure. To ensure the quality of workers, the right and best furniture is needed.

There are many varieties when talking about office furniture. Some people prefer the furniture to be trendy and matches the latest style, so that it is not out-dated. It includes office desking, seating, and storage. Desking is important because most activities are conducted upon a desk. Wide varieties of desk can be found over the internet. The simplest kind of desk can cost you around 1,500 ZAR, while the most expensive can cost up to 11,000 ZAR. Of course, the more pricy it is, the more comfortable. Desking also includes office workstations, conference tables, and reception desks. Office workstation has the standard function as the office desk. Conference tables have considerably different function with the previous variety. It is designed for both relaxed talks and serious appointments in the meeting room that can hold up to a bunch of people. The average price for conference tables is around 5,000 ZAR and can possibly rises up to 10,000 ZAR. Meanwhile, reception desk can cost more than other desks. It is the tip point of an office in the lobby, so it has to be impressive. The cheapest reception desk can cost up to 8,000 ZAR, while the most expensive, according to the design and different functions.

Seating is important. It supports the comforting structure of an activity in the office for most of it is done on a desk. What a desk do without a nice and comfortable seating? There are a lot of varieties when talking about chairs. It consists of (according to the function) executive chairs, typist chairs, operators chairs, and boardroom chairs. As how it is called, executive chairs (including ergonomic chairs) are designed for the bosses or the CEO's. It can cost you from around 3,000 ZAR and above. It is quite costly, but it provides the best comfort at the office. Other chairs in this list perhaps do not have the price as high as the executive ones. It costs below 3,000 ZAR, and if you're lucky, you can get the chair with the price of hundreds Rands.

Beside of all those, to store a file in the office can be a little bit tricky and not comforting if there is no proper cabinets. It is crucial, pointing that all files are stored and kept in cabinets. One does not simply have an office without proper storage facilities. In South Africa, the cheapest cabinet can cost only 1,300 ZAR. The shape is simple with two sliding doors. According to the needs of an office, the size of cabinets may vary. Usually, the bigger the size, the higher the price of a cabinet is. For example, a large cabinet can cost up to 15,000 ZAR. If you only need a small one, why bothering yourself by buying the bigger one? For that matter, it is suggested to find the office furniture that suits your needs.